Raising Healthy Livestock and Organic Meat

Often when you hear the word ‘organic’ the first thing that comes to mind is vegetables or produce.  Aside from fruits and vegetables there is also organic meat and eggs.  Most of the time when people are shopping they grab whatever is handy and what fits the budget, we buy the meat without giving it much thought.  You’re probably unaware of why you should grab organic meat instead of factory farmed meat.  Here are a couple of reasons to opt for the organic options instead.

  1. Organic meat comes from livestock that has never been given antibiotics, hormones and other types of drugs.  Livestock that have been grassfed without antibiotics prove to be healthier and that is in turn healthier for you.
  2. Animals that have been allowed to grow with a free range grassfed diet are safeguarded from mad cow and other diseases, and again that helps you stay healthier.
  3. Animals that are raised free range, not only are healthier, the diet is better for the livestock and they are not penned up they roam outside unlike factory farmed livestock.
  4. Organically raised livestock are generally raised in a more humane manner, the animals are ethically treated. Purchasing organic meat means that animals have been taken care of.
  5. Animals make manure; this can either be beneficial to the farm or be an incredible mess. Smaller farms often use the manure to fertilize their soil.  They create far less waste than large factory farms.
  6. Raising organic livestock, much like growing organic crops reduces the amount of chemical that are used on the land. This helps to keep the water clean, better topsoil and a cleaner and healthier environment for the people that work there.
  7. Getting the certification to be USDA organic is hard and filled with endless paperwork. Those farmers that get the certification are dedicated to raising healthier food as well as environmentalism.
  8. Small organic farms are family owned businesses, just like us at Two Small Farms. Buying from an organic farm like ours supports that farm and all who work there.  This is important; it offers you high quality products and keeps your money in the local community.

Organic farming is important both for the environment and your health, you know that your meat is coming from healthy animals that have been treated well.  The animals weren’t forced to drink contaminated water, had hormones or antibiotics injected into them, all of this gives better meat for you and your families.